Nat Hunt


  1. Congrats on the new site!!! I’d love you to take a serious look at PXYN…I’m pretty sure if you read the newest news releases and review the last Qtr’s earnings you’ll be intrigued…..USEL is another good one I have a position in….You probably have another week or so before PXYN takes off !!!!! GLTY !!

  2. Thanks, Michael. I have looked at USEL a little and wasn’t compelled to keep looking.

    Re: PXYN, I will check it out. Thanks for the tips and for visiting.

  3. Michael, that was an uncanny call. I never got around to looking into PXYN, but it did exactly what you said it might: it waited a week and then, this week, made a +50% move…
    As a lot of us, I have a lot of stocks on my “to look at” list at all times.

    • PXYN is still quite a buy in my mind….I have 894k shares@.051….Earnings are due out by Friday….could reach as high as .10 by then….If they show a very small net profit then I’m thinking .15 — If they show a 5-10ml profit then I see .25-.50 by next spring…..USEL I am intrigued by as Insiders kept buying thru Halloween….Earnings also due out by Friday…We’ll see….GLTY

      • Wish I had some cash — maybe I could play it.. It sounds like you’re predicting a small net profit if I had to guess.

        Btw, I thought GLTY was a ticker — now I get it 😀

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