Portfolio at end of November 2014

This is my real portfolio.

These are the moves I’ve made since my update three weeks ago:

  1. I sold the 45% of my Paul Mueller (MUEL) shares that I had bought in the post-earnings sell-off on November 3. I felt confident that the sell-off (based on a one-time accident) would quickly reverse, as it did. This trade yielded a 6.6% post-fee gain in 11 days, equal to a 734% annualized rate!
  2. A few days later, I started a new position: buying Payment Data Systems (PYDS) at a cost basis of $0.153 per share. I already posted about PYDS, but suffice it to say that I became aware of this idea over a weekend when the company had released blowout earnings after the close on Friday. I did some homework and felt that if it was available under $0.16 when the market opened up, that was a great deal. I’m up 17.5% in less than two weeks here.
  3. Earlier this week, I sold all of my XPEL Technologies (XPLT) shares. I believe the future for this company is very bright, but I thought that the headline earnings number in particular could make it hard for the stock price to go much higher in the near-term. I had a 55.5% gain in less than three months here, one of my best investments of the year — and one that helped to offset some poor moves I’ve made over the same time period.
  4. Finally, I did some Black Friday shopping in the decimated oil industry: increasing my stake in Petroamerica (PTAXF) by 120%. I’m up 7.3% on my Black Friday shares, but down 21.1% on the position as a whole… Two bullish articles on Petroamerica, from before the oil price drop:
    1. Welcome to the Cheapest Oil Producer Worldwide: Part II
    2. How Canadian Tycoon Giustra Builds Ten Baggers in Mining and Energy


Portfolio - Nov 2014

Nat Hunt

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