Portfolio at end of January 2015

Below find the makeup of my portfolio at January 31, 2015. I invest almost exclusively in microcap stocks.

The moves I made in January 2015:

  1. The biggest move I made was to initiate a significant (15%) position in Atlas Energy LP (ATLS). Atlas has a $1.6B market cap and as such falls outside of the microcap purview of this website. Readers unfamiliar with the idea can get acquainted via two recent Seeking Alpha articles:
    1. Who Cares If $50 Oil Is Here To Stay? Atlas Is Being Acquired by Denver Smith — the thesis
    2. Atlas Spin-Off Analysis: A Value Lost In The Shuffle by Adam Jones — a deeper look at the pre-acquisition spinco
  2. I sold all of my Payment Data Systems (PYDS) shares. The company released Q4 transaction numbers which grew less than I was anticipating. Furthermore, the company issued a ton of shares/options to insiders about a month ago. These two factors led me to sell, and take a 7% profit in two months. Yesterday the company released January transaction numbers that were impressive and the stock jumped 30%. My reasoning was sound for getting out, so I have no real heartache here.
  3. I increased my position in Virtra (VTSI), bringing it to 12% of my portfolio. I feel confident here, even though MikeDDKing just sold it from the SwingTrade Portfolio. (His explanation.) VirTra has some interesting things going on: an exciting joint venture with Smith & Wesson’s chairman and an appearance on CNN during primetime (see embedded YouTube video at end of this post).
  4. I sold the last of my Greystone Logistics (GLGI) shares. The company came out with a big money-losing quarter. They’ve had several disappointing quarters in a row. I had enough and sold what had become a smaller position for me as time went on (due to price depreciation and previous selling on my part). One of my New Year’s investing resolutions is to hold eight or less stocks at a time, so trimming smaller positions where I have less conviction is the most logical way to do that.
  5. I sold my New Jersey Mining Company (NJMC) shares. That was another smaller position.
  6. I sold my Natural Health Trends Corp. (NHTC) shares. The largest shareholder began selling some of his stake, and I anticipated there could be a sell-off in the stock as a result. The stock is down about 13% since I sold.
  7. Finally, I invested in Internet Patents Corporation (PTNT), an unsuccessful “patent troll” with lots of NOLs which is acquiring a successful patent troll. PTNT’s market cap is about $17M, while their net cash (cash minus all liabilities) is about $23M. Of course, since they are about to pay for an acquisition with cash, shares, and earn-outs, those numbers will change.


Portfolio - Jan 2015


Nat Hunt

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