Here’s my top 3 picks at current prices

I plan to do a portfolio update in a few days, after we are over the June 30 first-half marker. In the meantime, I thought I’d share my top three picks at current prices. All are microcaps, as usual.

1. Pro-Dex (PDEX)3 Candles

Surprisingly, there are no real summary write-ups of Pro-Dex available online, at least not publicly. I scrawled some notes eight months ago. And there have been some good comments on that post. Whopper Investments may eventually do an update. But put very simply PDEX is a medical device manufacturer coming into the tail-end of a multi-year turnaround, at least that is the thesis.

The owner of 12% of the company recently announced intentions to buy up to another 6% over the next year. The new CEO was even buying some shares on the open market from $2.28 to $2.32. (Current price is $2.27.)

We won’t hear from Pro-Dex for sure until September, as their fiscal year ends June 30. The last we did hear from them was very promising: Q3 revenues jumped 63%. Last year’s 10-K came out on September 18.

I was adding at $2.19 in mid-May, after the stock barely budged in the wake of the Q3 results.

2. VirTra Systems (VTSI)

A couple weeks ago, a very extensive analysis of VirTra was published on Seeking Alpha: Mr. Market Needs A Math Tutor: VirTra Systems Is Due A Major Revaluation. I mentioned VTSI, a maker of shooting simulators, in October, mostly to point to a prior article by the same author.

With a large Homeland Security order due to be delivered this year, and a very intriguing joint venture in the works (not to mention a steadily growing core business with tailwinds), I am pretty excited about this Pink-listed stock whose had its price bashed lately.

I was adding two weeks ago at $0.105.

3. Internet Patents Corporation (PTNT)

I’ve been tweeting about this one, and mentioned that I owned it at the end of January. Big news recently as this $30M market cap “patent troll” just won a $30M judgment from Sprint.

Management projections are for the company to earn $60M over the next two-and-a-half years.

I was adding at $3.00 on Friday.


Disclosure: I am long PDEX, VTSI, and PTNT at the time of this writing.

Nat Hunt

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