Portfolio at end of June 2015

Below find the makeup of my portfolio at June 30, 2015 — all are microcap stocks.

Portfolio - June 2015

Halfway through 2015, my portfolio has lost value at a 9% annualized rate. (It grew at a 24% rate over the entirety of last year.)

Recent thoughts on a few of the larger positions:

Nat Hunt


  1. Looks like ATLS is no longer in your portfolio – was your intent to liquidate after the TRGP deal or did something change to make the company less attractive? Thanks!

    • Thanks for the question, Anthony.

      I sold TRGP right after the deal occurred. And I thought I would hold on to ATLS, which I did for a little while (not sure exactly how long). Eventually I sold the ATLS, too.

      Overall, it was a good return, although I think I got somewhat lucky to buy at the/a bottom.

  2. That’s basically what I did, as well. I had honestly never heard of the company ’til stumbling across a couple articles on Seeking Alpha, which is how I came across your name/blog, as well. I figured I had no business holding onto a company I knew very little about.

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