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Just a quick note for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Seeking Alpha: I published an article on Internet Patents Corp (PTNT) earlier today on Seeking Alpha. It is significant because up until now, there has not been a public write-up on the company since it undertook a completely transformative acquisition in March.

Highlights of the opportunity:

  • Until recently, PTNT was an unsuccessful patent “troll,” trading for less than the value of its net cash.
  • In March of this year, PTNT made a completely transformative move: acquiring Prism Technologies, a very successful company in the same field.
  • Now, with a market cap of $31M and management projecting $60M in earnings and cash flow over the next 2.5 years, PTNT looks set to explode.
  • Only last week, the new subsidiary won a $30M judgment against Sprint, to add to a $27M settlement by AT&T last year, with similar trials upcoming.

The full article is here: A Whole New Troll: Internet Patents Corp. Transforms Itself.

I recently mentioned PTNT on this blog in my “top 3 current picks” article on PDEX, VTSI, and PTNT.


Disclosure: I am long PTNT at the time of this writing, as well as PDEX and VTSI.

Nat Hunt

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